Sunday, January 18, 2009

I thought that I would start off with what I want to accomplish. I have organized my photos. Yes, 3 decades of pictures in CM sortboxes just waiting to be scrapped. The question is how.
Do I digital scrapbook? Or do traditional albums?
I have to do a traditional album for my son who is graduating this year from HS. My oldest daughter will also graduate from College in Dec. 2009.
Here I've added pics of how my photo organizing started and where I finished.

You'll notice that I have cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bags and drawers filled with photos.

I used CM sort boxes and a photo labeling pencil and went to work.

I couldn't believe how many photos that I had. There were almost 3 decades of pictures!

My next goal is to get my son's pictures scanned and organized so that I can start his album! I have Monday off! Yeah! I have a crop next Sunday and a full 3 days away in Feb!
I hope that in the next few days, I can go through the years and pick out his photos that I want to scan. My pictures after 2005 are digital. How I wish they all were. But, I have 13,337 pictures on my Memory Manager Program of Photo Organizing! Those are actually sorted by person and by date. I'll keep posting my endeavors.


  1. Hello, I need your motivation to get started on my own pictures. I have 35 years of scraping to do myself, plus I do genealogy. I have promised myself to accomplish this. I think the hardest part is sorting. By the way, I love your little doggie pic. Have a great day!

  2. Well, I've now started taking the pics out that I want for my son's album and scanning those into the computer.
    I've organized all the paper that I want to use so that I don't have to bring every last piece of paper that I Have.
    Took out papers like "it's a girl thing, etc."
    I don't think that he would like that in his album!
    I've also been going on line and looking at layouts that people have done.
    I've been doing digital for so long now, that I Missed traditional, so I've been doing some research. I guess I'm just motivated, being stuck in the house day after day.
    Have I told you that I hate snow?

  3. Please show us some of the scrapbooking page when you have completed them. I also need to do some scrapbooking pages. I just can;t get started on them. It seems overwhelming. I hate snow also!!